The New Zealand Dairy Careers Programme is your opportunity to Live, Learn & Earn from the world’s smartest dairy producers - right here in New Zealand.

Key NZ Dairy Careers Personnel

Kathryn Haddow
Kathryn Haddow
Account Manager

My name is Kat, I'm English born and bred but moved to New Zealand with my family when I turned 12, so I also consider myself a Kiwi.

I’ve been passionate about riding horses from a young age. Now, I’m lucky enough to have three of my own! Naturally, the love of horses led to a love of the country lifestyle

I have a beautiful daughter, a year and a half old, who loves the outdoors just as much as I do. We both tend to spend more time outdoors in the paddocks, sheds and barns than in the house!

I’ve always been interested in sustainable farming - dairy farming in particular. I started this journey with New Zealand Dairy Careers to support our local farmers and encourage young, aspiring international and local farmers to achieve their goals for a successful career in the dairy industry and ultimately match the two together.

This role allows me to meet many wonderful people - both farmers and students - and is extremely rewarding when there are smiles all around.

I was very lucky to travel a lot in my 20s, mostly throughout Europe, and see countless beautiful places and experience many different cultures. These experiences gave me a lot of insight into life on the other side of the world, and I enjoy connecting with and talking to prospective students about this. I am always up for a yarn!